My wife, Susan, is on the other coast tending to a sick friend.  She's been gone 10 days now.  I'm holding the fort back home and we now communicate by phone and email.  It's going surprisingly well, our collaboration to get the word out about LOOKS, but I will be happier when she's back on this coast and in my arms.  Besides, I need some help with Little Ray.  All he want to do is play and keep me from my work!
I have arranged for several local newspapers to carry an article about LOOKS EASY ENOUGH.  The Julian News is the first and the bookstore in Julian, in  preparation for a run on the books, is stocking up on copies.  We're thrilled.
Look for our first article in the Julian News, The Alpine Sun and the Ramona Sentinal.  Juicy!
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In just 8 short days, we have placed LOOKS EASY ENOUGH in 20 local independent book stores including Upstart Crow, Mystic Isle, The Book Tree, Controversial Books, The Grove Books, EarthSong, SoulScape, The Book-Works and Julian Book House.  Many books have already been sold both in the stores and from our website.  Very exciting!! In 6 weeks or so we will have our book available in e-format and you will be able to purchase it at all the .coms!


    This is my first time blogging!  LOOKS is already selling like hotcakes!


    March 2010